We GREEN VALLEY PLASTICS co, are established in 1991, and started production in 1992.

We produce variety of UPVC pipes and fittings according to DIN and BS, standards  to meet a variety of needs  such as potable water supply, irrigation system, sewerage and  drainage, telephone conduit, industrial piping …..etc.

If our customer desires, we will give technical service as to installation, piping design ad so on.

A complete line of fittings required for installing and assembling ” green valley” pipe are also available and those fittings are made to join pipes by either rubber ring sealing method or solvent cement welding method which assures quick, efficient and leakproof installation.

The factory is using high quality raw material to ensure high quality produced pipes and fittings and also it’s provided by fully equipped laboratory in the quality control section to ensure all products are manufactured in accordance with the internationally and locally known standards.

Our modern green valley plastics factory is equipped with the most advanced, fully automatic and computerized extrusion machines for the production of a wide range of UPVC pipes.

This catalogue contains a general description of the quality and specifications of the UPVC pipes.