We, produce a variety of UPVC pipes according to DIN and BS standards:

  • Socketed pipe for solvent cement joint For water supply. Drainage and telephone cable ducts.
  • Socketed pipe for solvent cement joint For water supply and Drainage.
  • Socketed pipe for solvent cement joint For telephone cable ducts.

General advantages

Green valley perforated pipes are manufactured from the same UPVC material used in producing usual pipes so keeping the same advantages such as light, weight. Ease of installation, high mechanical strength , in addition to its sanitation , high chemical resistance, low flow loss due to its mirror smooth inside surface.

All this advantages have made green valley perforated pipes more efficient than other traditional pipes like ceramic pipes or clay pipes.


Green valley company for the manufacture of pipes U.P.V.C & accessories

Technical date on the installation of UPVC pipes excavation

When installing the pipeline, the processing of the bottom of the excavation & spreading sand is of great importance in maintaining the integrity of the line & for the following reasons:

  • Reduce stress on the pipes to increase security.
  • Do not move towards the entry into force of the water pipes, which display a large force could lead to broken.
  • The protections of a pipe break or scratch outside due to the presence of gravel or stone, leading to large stresses generated.
  • (cover) suitable for pipes leading to maintain the operation of pipeline is fully operational, so that is not less than the thickness (cover) one third of pipe diameter in any case not less than 15 cm

Hydraulic Test Site

Hydraulic pressure should be carried out at the site, the pipeline being installed at intervals not exceeding in the beginning about 500 meters & not more than 1000 meters then as the pipeline should be covered by soft sand with the exception of places of delivery, which should be left without coverage to ensure the safety of the installation when testing rate of one & half operating pressure for a period of not less than half an hour.

It should be before the pressure test of the water discharge line by installing air valves using water where that process is also called of cleaning dust & various materials inside a result of digging & coverage can be found on Egyptian standards no.848 for the year 78 or the source code of the tubes to get great information on the subject.

Minimum depth of cover layer Installation place
1.20 Within the road Public roads
0.90 On the side of the road
0.60 Secondary roads
0.45 Land, fields and farms

Drilling Dimensions

Include drilling required three dimensions are high cover over the pipes & the breath & depth of drilling cover the bottom of the pipes
Height of the cover over the pipe
Table shows the previous high cover of the UPVC pipes in different situations. In case of installing a line close to the facilities adjacent to the line interface keeps at a distance of at least 30 cm.